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Application of Diamond Micron Powder

Diamond micron powder refers to diamond particles with particle size less than 60 microns.

Traditional diamond micron powder can be divided into two categories: polycrystalline diamond micron powder and single crystal micron diamond powder. With the rapid development of nanotechnology, a new type of nano-diamond powder has emerged from the two original types of diamond micron powder: nano-diamond powder.

Features: High hardness, good wear resistance, high toughness, good thermal stability, etc.

What are the main applications of diamond micron powder?

1. As abrasive: As a kind of super hard abrasive, diamond micron powder has incomparable superior abrasive ability. It is mainly used for fine grinding or polishing of various precision components in industry, science and medicine; manufacturing of resin bonding tools, metal bonding tools and plating tools; It is as fine abrasives for mould processing, gemstone polishing and gemstone bearing processing.

2. As a functional material: because of its thermal and electrical properties, it has become the main raw material for manufacturing polycrystalline diamond sinters, such as geology, petroleum drills, cutting tools, drawing dies, etc. By mixing diamond micron powder into thermosetting resin polymer, cellulose, phenolic resin or ceramic sheet, a new material with high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion can be made.

3. Fabrication of nano-composite structure materials: By compounding nano-diamond with nano-silicon powder, nano-ceramics and various nano-metals, new nano-structure materials can be produced. Because of its unique properties, semiconductor devices, integrated circuit components and micro-computer components can be manufactured.