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Influence of Nano-Diamond Powder Hot Infiltration Technology on the Wear Resistance of Metal Materia

Carburizing and nano-diamond treatment were performed on the samples of the two materials, and it was found that the hardness of the samples treated with nano-diamond can be increased by 7% and 11% than that of the carburized samples. Using the T-11 friction and wear tester respectively after testing its wear resistance, it was found that the wear resistance of the sample treated with nano-diamond powder hot infiltration was much higher than that of the carburized sample. Its metallographic analysis showed that the steel was hot-dipped with nano-diamond powder after infiltration, new phases and new iron-based alloys that are not well-known now appear. Nano-diamond powder hot infiltration technology improves the hardness and wear resistance of metal materials, and provides a reliable way for prolonging the service life of wearable parts.